Full-Service Commercial Film Company

Whether supporting startups, established brands or agencies, we revel in bringing ideas to life. Our Chicago-based team takes a scalable approach to production, meeting each project’s unique needs, timeline, location and budget. We carry out projects from creative conception to delivery, or agilely jump in at any stage in the process.



Head of Production, Business Operations

Kailey’s unmatched ability to organize and manage projects, makes her Tall Tale Production’s go-to for all things production. From initial conversations about concept and scope to guiding complex projects all the way through to delivery, Kailey gets it done. She also handles Tall Tale’s day-to-day operations.


Creative Director, Camera Operator, Editor

Matt is an experienced camera operator and editor that deftly balances project objectives and cinematic design to ensure that the intended message is heard and equally impactful. Ever keen on filmmaking technological advancements, Matt keeps Tall Tale Productions at the forefront of visual storytelling. Whether on set or in the edit bay, his creative energy maintains ease every step of the way.


Creative Director, Camera Operator, Editor

Mike’s background in journalism has played a role in every project, whether it is a documentary or a scripted commercial. He approaches all of our projects with an eye for authenticity and brings that into all stages of production and post-production. He is a passionate editor who loves spending time with footage to find the most creative angle for any story.