How We Work


When you have an idea that you want to bring to life, we will help develop it into a project. The first steps involve talking with you about the general concept and the goals you hope to achieve. From there we can work together on a budget that allows Tall Tale to properly execute that vision without going overboard on unnecessary resources. We have experience in writing and marketing that will guide the conversations leading up to pre-production.


After a concept and budget are approved, we will develop the structure of production and post-production so you know exactly what to expect (even the unexpected). Depending on the scale of your project, this phase can take a few weeks, but our goal is to get into production with a plan so your budget is used efficiently. We’ll also hire any necessary personnel if it requires more than the core Tall Tale team, which some projects do. Over the years, we have assembled a group of reliable and talented freelancers who can operate cameras, manage location audio, create original music, and many other creative tasks. Many of our projects require travel outside of Chicago and we have become very comfortable bringing our gear and personnel to any location (even the remote ones!).


Once the filming dates are selected and the team is organized, we are ready to film! We’ve filmed on a wide variety of locations, from huge cattle ranches to small office spaces, and fully operational dairy farms to backyards under construction. Our most recent documentary brought us into the operating room of a surgery center and the offices are America’s Top Docs. We will do whatever is needed to capture the story and work within the limitations of any venue to conduct interviews or film B-roll. Our ultimate goal is to leave with nothing left on the table and no shot uncaptured. With camera equipment capable of 4K footage and a licensed drone operator to see the world from a bird’s eye view, we can capture high-end, professional imagery.


The beauty of a full-service production company like Tall Tale is that we know what we got. Sure, we can edit somebody else’s footage, and we’ve done it many times, but when we return from a shoot, we don’t have to spend days looking through footage because we already know where to start. We are also just that much more excited to jump into the edit! It’s during this phase that the video comes together, and we will use our creative experience to develop a first cut that shows you the many possibilities of your original vision. From there we work together with your feedback to end up with a product that tells the best version of its story in a way that viewers will appreciate both narratively and visually.