One Year of To Err Is Human!



One year ago today our documentary, To Err Is Human, released on multiple VOD platforms thanks to our distributor Gravitas Ventures. We’ve seen the demand for this film in DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital formats and the reviews on these platforms have been overwhelmingly positive. But we’ve taken great pride in our ability to take this documentary across the country and around the world to share the important message of patient safety and the human side of medical errors.

Since the film’s completion, we have screened To Err Is Human over 235 times in 38 states and 12 countries. These screenings have all been followed by panel discussions with experts who can explore the issues presented in the film on a deeper level that influences change for their audience. There have been a number of follow-ups from hospitals to explain how they have already implemented tangible updates to their methods and practices. This is a huge deal. It often takes years or decades to get institutions and hospitals to change their approach to medicine. But even those who make a tremendous profit, and seem to operate well as a business, have seen our film and seen the value in making dramatic changes to improve safety and meet the standards that patients expect.

Some of these screenings have also included the filmmaking team at panel discussions. We’ve been invited to over 35 events at which we share our insights from the 3 years we spent making the film and the dozens of hospitals we have toured since. Prior to making To Err Is Human, none of us expected to be considered “experts” in this field, but by focusing on the story of patient safety from a perspective outside of medicine, we have been able to provide new insight and a fresh take on what is possible. We look forward to more screenings and speaking engagements, which are already being scheduled far into 2020. There may also even be new, exciting events coming up this year surrounding the film. Our goal is to make sure this is not just a film we made and moved on from, but something that shows our passion for making impactful films that live long beyond the runtime and make a true difference.

To see more about the film, including where to rent or buy it, go to the film’s website